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✨All services offered in-person or virtual✨

Hypnotherapy Initial Session

$175 for 90 minutes

Hypnotherapy is a life-changing, healing journey. I guide you into a trance state where we engage with your subconscious. The process is interactive. While in trance, I offer positive suggestions to create the desired change or implement a healthy decision. Hypnotherapy can be used for but not limited to: establishing healthy eating, being smoke-free, career exploration, pain management, skill enhancement, relationships, inner-child healing, grief and loss, personal empowerment, self-healing, shadow work, intuitive development, spiritual emergence, spirit releasement, and regression.

Reiki Session

$125 for 60 minutes

Reiki uses universal life energy to balance the mind, body, and spirit. Similar to hypnotherapy, Reiki is safe and highly effective. I use consensual soft touch to place my hands gently on chakras, meridians, and your energy field. The benefits of Reiki are numerous in that it promotes self-healing, balance, integration, and rejuvenation. When I work with a client, I get intuitive impressions and spirit messages which I share with you.

Limpias--Spiritual Cleansing Ceremony

$222 for 90 minutes

The reason you may seek this service is to support you in removing negative energies, enhance your healing process, and strengthen your connection with your Higher Self/Higher Power. I will use a combination of tools such as eggs, herbs, flowers, crystals, and prayers to support you in ceremony. Each ceremony is unique crafted to your needs.

Tarot Card Reading

$75 for 30 minutes, $125 for 60 minutes

Are you seeking an answer to a specific question? Do you want a roadmap to a goal? Do you want to learn what your gifts are and how to apply them to your life? Whichever is the case, we will consult with the Tarot to get answers and guidance.

Pet Healing Session

starting from $50 for 30 minutes

Is your cutie sick, without energy, or needs to recover from surgery? The session can be a mix of a limpia and Reiki for your beloved pet.  

Healing Workshops

& Facilitation

Ask for price

Do you need a workshop for your organization and want to create a lasting event that will be memorable? Are part of an academic institution and want your students to learn more about wellness and ancestral medicine? Book me as a speaker and facilitator.

Reiki I, II, III, and Reiki Master Classes

starting from $222 

Receive the gift of becoming an Usui Reiki practitioner and Reiki Master.

Hypnotherapy Follow-up

$125 for 60 minutes

The more you practice hypnosis, the better you get at it, and the better the results! We will build upon what we have done in previous sessions by reinforcing established behaviors, maintaining healthy habits, and working towards your goals.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

$125 for 60 minutes

EFT, also known as psychological acupuncture, involves “tapping” the energy meridians to shift and transform energy. Very easy to learn and highly effective, EFT acknowledges and addresses our emotions and thoughts that disrupt our system. By doing EFT, we realigned our whole system and experience profound changes. Imagine experiencing quick relief from anxiety, self-doubt, fear, inability to love, grief, phobias, addictive behaviors, limiting beliefs, and depression.

Home/Office Cleansing, Protection, and Blessing


Does your home or office space invite peace and foster wellness? What do you want your space to manifest? I will do a cleansing using various tools and chants to attract what you desire for your space. We will clear away any lingering, stagnant energies and protect your space. I can bring stability, abundance, love, creativity, peace, and success to any space.

Spiritual Baths


A unique bath for you. We create an elixir for you to bathe in. The elixir may include different types of herbs and flowers, essential oils, collected rainwater, spring water, and/or holy water. We add a dash of love and magic. Ingredients are sustainable sourced mostly from our garden, gathered through prayer, and we use certified organic ingredients. 

Dream Medicine & Dream Sachets


We can discuss dream interpretation and build a relationship with your dream weaver.  I will provide you with the tools to understand the messages in your dreams. If requested, I can create a dream sachet for you to invoke a desired dream or regulate your sleep pattern.

Officiant in Baptisms, Funerals, Rites of Passage Ceremonies & Weddings

Ask for price

As an ordained minister, I am able to bring folks together in marriage, special ceremonies, and rites of passage.

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Special Offers:
For established clients, buy two sessions of Reiki or EFT and get each session for $75.

What Our Clients Say


"Hola... tuve la bendición de que la curandera VIRGINIA PUC me hiciera una lectura de cartas...y todo lo que me dijo fue cierto y real, todo se ha cumplido y me trajo mucha paz sus una excelente curandera la recomiendo muchísimo...

Al igual pido a los angeles de luz que le den mucha energía positiva para que siempre continúe haciendo tan hermosa labor ...mucho que agradecer y pocas palabras para describir algo tan maravilloso, dense la oportunidad de cambiar su vida."                                                                                                                                                 -S. Borges de México

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