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The Origins of Soul Star Hypnotherapy

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

In K’uj kaláanteni’

Suten junp’eel saásil léembal

Bey xan junp’éel sáasil eek’


Activating the Soul Star Chakra

Opening golden starlight


waves of remembrance

across my face, a smile

I remember purpose--

a sense of clarity for cycles

cascading down

starbright envelops me

in all splendor.

My birdie singing

fills my being

with glee.

What is the Soul Star Chakra?

In order to understand this specific chakra, you need to know what the chakras are. In brief, the chakras are energy centers that regulate our physiology and our energy body. There are seven in the energy body which are located in different areas. However, there are two additional chakras residing outside the physical body in the auric field. The Soul Star Chakra resides a few inches above our head but expands when activated. With the support of our Higher Self, the Soul Star Chakra connects us to Universal Consciousness. We can tune into this wisdom easily through hypnotherapy and experience our multidimensional self. Furthermore, in this trance state, we can access the Akashic records. For these reasons and more, gave birth to my private practice “Soul Star Hypnotherapy”.

What inspired the name “Soul Star Hypnotherapy”?

In addition to the Soul Star Chakra being an inspiration, our creation stories tell of our people coming from the stars. We are star seeds--planted on Earth by our Great Ancestors. Therefore, my work as a clinical hypnotherapist reflects this deep understanding. I love to connect people with their ancestors and guides. Before any session, I pray using a children’s song in Maaya t’aan which asks Creator to enlighten us to be a bright and radiant star. In a hypnotherapy session, I protect the space with the Soul Star prayer. With the prayer, I invoke the client’s Higher Self and the practitioner’s Higher Self into the space as we do the work. The Soul Star prayer acknowledges we will be working for the highest good of all.

Light the candle in your mind and follow the light.

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